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Yoga in the Prayer Closet

Oct. 10-22, 2010
Spiritual Director Catherine Tran and Yoga Instructor Carolyn Tutchton
Yoga in the Prayer Closet
 is an introduction to this ancient body prayer.  Participants are invited to view the practice of Yoga as an avenue to enhanced prayer and meditation.  Retreatants will be provided simple Yoga routines and accompanying prayer reflections with the intention of working towards integration of body and soul on the spiritual journey.   Enjoy reflections on Spirit and breath as you practice Yoga and enter the prayer closet with holy intention. 
During this two week journey, retreatants will be provided with a daily reflection on Holy Spirit and focus questions to take into the Yoga experience.  A simple, introductory Yoga routine will be provided each week with basic instruction on technique.  As participants practice engaging breath, movement, and stillness, they will be encouraged to take prayer intentions and discernment questions into the Yoga experience.  An emphasis will be placed on how Holy Spirit moves and resides within each person and how connecting to that Spirit with all of one's self  will enhance the spiritual journey. 
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Retreat Video Sampler:

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Sample Content-Discern Your Intent

As we begin our journey together, you may wish to enter this experience with some kind of overall intention.  An intention may be something like bringing healing to a relationship, dealing with some guilt or persistent anger, a discernment question, growing in self-knowledge, or creating a new attitude about something.  Your intention could be anything in your heart or soul to which you hope to bring healing or transformation.  This intention would rest in the depth of your spirit as you pray and reflect through this retreat time.  You may read the daily reflections and practice the yoga prayer exercises with this intention in mind.  The daily meditations can be practiced with your overall intention as a lens.  Let the Spirit move within you and bathe your intention in the Christ light.  The Spirit's movement may be powerful and immediately obvious or it may be subtle and revealed over time.  You may have to wait some length of time to see a change, but trust that God is at work in you and follow the leading of that light within.  As you carry your intention with you throughout this journey, I pray that God may bless you with deep and lasting transformation.