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Saving Sabbath

Cost:  $65.00 
July 26-August 6, 2010 
Spiritual Director Catherine Tran
In a culture that demands vigorous work commitments, Saving Sabbath will guide the participant to live into and treasure sabbath experience.  Learn about how to create sabbath in your own life.  Various techniques and guidelines that build the art of daily and weekly sabbath will be offered, along with prayer exercises, reflections, and teachings.  Monthly and yearly sabbath experiences will be planned.  A primary resource for this retreat will be The Sabbath World, by Judith Shulevitz.  As you prepare to gear up for another busy fall, learn to create the space you need to care for yourself and nurture your spirit.  Develop the healthy habits that sabbath encourages and begin to live a balanced life!
Participants will begin the retreat on a Sunday evening with spiritual preparations for the work week.  The retreat will conclude the next Friday.   Each day, retreatants will be encouraged to engage in the monastic prayer hours and to reflect throughout the day on the wisdom of Sabbath engagement.  The retreat  also includes one on one spiritual direction (optional)  and interaction with other retreatants. 

 This retreat is IDEAL FOR CONGREGATIONS.  In addition to the online group interactions and materials, parishes can take advantage of the following features:   
  • the online format makes it easy for parishioners to participate
  • individual participation can be enhanced by group work such as in home gatherings with a meal or group discussions of the teaching materials
  •  prayer exercises can be used by a parish staff, leadership group, or other group
  • all materials are prepared for you, conserving the efforts of your volunteers for other worthwhile projects
  • individually paid tuition leaves no cost for the parish and creates personal investment
  • for a nominal fee, Catherine is available to participate with your groups or to preach at your services (Denver area only).
Registration opens on July 18th.  TO REGISTER:
  • Go to
  • Click on the Saving Sabbath  link in Available Courses.
  • Click the Create New Account button on right side of page.   (If you are a previous retreatant and already have an account with us, use your same user name and password and login. You will be sent to the payment page).
  • Follow the directions to create and confirm your account.
  • After confirming your account, it should take you to the payment page. (If not, then click on the Saving Sabbath link again)