Personal Retreats

Personal Retreats can be scheduled at your convenience.  Follow the link for each retreat to get a more detailed description and to register.
  • "Given the realities of my family life and work, this is the only way I can do a retreat right now, and I actually find that it feels more helpful than going away for a few days of bliss then coming home and finding that I can't figure out how to integrate it or explain the experience to my family. The online retreat, like the simple life, happens alongside real life. I am excited for the church for the possibilities of this format. "                        - Julie, Retreatant
  Spiritual Directors Catherine Tran and Sue Wise
Contemplative Prayer Sampler gives the retreatant an introduction to prayer practices such as Lectio Divina, body prayer, praying with beads, and meditation.  Instruction, prayer exercises, and reflections will encourage participants to explore those practices that they desire to develop for their own prayer discipline. This course is designed for those who are seeking to go deeper into prayer and need the basics to move forward.  Each prayer discipline will be introduced through a brief teaching and then exercises will be provided.  Participants will gain an understanding of the variety of contemplative prayer practices and can then choose a practice that they would like to develop more deeply on their own.
  Spiritual Director Catherine Tran and Yoga Instructor Carolyn Tutchton
Yoga in the Prayer Closet is an introduction to this ancient body prayer.  Participants are invited to view the practice of Yoga as an avenue to enhanced prayer and meditation.  Retreatants will be provided simple Yoga routines and accompanying prayer reflections with the intention of working towards integration of body and soul on the spiritual journey.   Enjoy reflections on Spirit and breathe as you practice Yoga and enter the prayer closet with holy intention.
   Spiritual Director Catherine Tran
The Simplification of Life is an exploration of how to truly keep life simple in a culture where most people are stressed and overscheduled. The retreat includes daily reflections, a guide for praying the daily office, weekly reflections on Scripture stories, and video instruction.   The spiritual classic, A Testament of Devotion by Thomas R. Kelly will be a primary resource for reflections and instruction.
    The Rev. Sue Wise and Spiritual Director Catherine Tran
Life-giving Forgiveness is another in Creative Spirituality’s Healing, Wholeness and Holiness series of  Retreats. This online retreat will focus on the art of forgiveness and how it heals and enriches your relationship to God, self, and others. Topics such as brokenness, the power of forgiveness for healing, the process of forgiveness, forgiving self, God, and others will be examined.
    Spiritual Director Catherine Tran
Blessing the Workplace is a 5 day retreat for seekers who wish to enhance their ability to bring a healthy and holy stance to the workplace and to hold their workplace before God in prayer.  Participants will spend the work week with Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, a 17th century French monk who wrote the Practice of the Presence of God.  This spiritual classic reveals Lawrence's thoughts on prayer and work, and how these practices nourish the soul. 
GOING HOME:      $45.00
    Spiritual Director Catherine Tran
Going Home  is a retreat for individuals or groups who wish to explore the fullness of creating a home, both spiritually and physically.  With the guidance of Teresa of Avila, the 16th century Spanish mystic who wrote The Interior Castle, retreatants discover the journey within and the gift of living into that creative vision within the home.