Spiritual Direction, in person, in writing, by phone, or by video, is a process entered into voluntarily by the seeker (or directee).  It is time set aside to reflect with intention on life experiences in relationship with God.  The director fills the role of companion on the journey through listening, reflecting, prayer, and guided discernment.  The individual in spiritual direction takes responsibility for the content and flow of the material shared.
Spiritual direction is not therapy, counseling, or pastoral care.  Those modalities will be suggested where indicated.
Spiritual Direction will take place in person, by phone, video, chat, email or mail as agreed between director and directee.  Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance.  Missed sessions will be charged at the full rate.
The spiritual direction relationship will be periodically reviewed and evaluated to determine the usefulness of the sessions as pertains to the spiritual journey.
The director is accountable to a peer supervision group and is in consultation to maintain the integrity of the practice.  Session material may be brought to supervision or consulation.  Confidentiality will be maintained. 
The qualifiications of the spiritual director are described in the "About Catherine" page of this website.